14 January 2012

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A Random Quirk: BotY2011 Interview

Hey, ya’ll! It is the end of the week, which means it is time for another edition of “A Random Quirk.” Now at the start of the year, we crowned our first Boi of the Year. It was an incredible race to get to that point. That made me think, “What do we really know about our BotY2011?” So I sat down with some questions to get the inside scoop on our Boi, Lina(Justin). Well, “sat down” via internet = ) And this is what he had to say.


Name: Lina (Justin)

Age: 26

Location: Bensalem, Pa

Relationship status:

Pronouns Preferred: Boy

Gender Identity: Male

Hobbies: Djing, Playing with my little puppy Rocco. Being a good father to my family and a good husband to my beautiful wife

Interests: Djing, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Having a great time with my family, and friends. And also meeting new people.

When did you first come out? I believe when my family found out I was 21 and with my friends, I was 16 years old.

Who is one person who has influenced the person you are today, and why? I must say my mother Ann. She was one amazing women who loved me for who I am. I never had to hide anything about myself to her. I came out more when she passed away cause she always told me to never hide who you are and since then this is me.

If you could ask one person, dead or alive, one question, what would it be? I would have to say my mother Ann: I would ask if she's happy with how things are turning out. Is she happy with what I have done with my life and who I am as an individual.

What is one stereotype in the LGBTQ community that pisses you off?
I seem to have a problem when I am walking around with my Fiancé, and they stare. I don't seem to understand how they can get married in with no problem and yet divorce in the matter of days. I just want my marriage to be seen as theirs and not thrown out like garbage.

As current reigning BotY, how will you live up to that title? I think just being who I am and keeping people I know up to date on the current events happening to the LGBTQ community. It's a matter of keeping myself and others aware of what’s going on. I think having this opportunity to be BOTY is a privilege and a chance to open my horizons.


What a great guy, don’t you think? This year is off to a fantastic start here at GFB. Let’s keep it going that way, boiz. It is almost time for our first Boi of the Month for 2012. Good luck to everyone who is entering our weekly contests. Seeing all of the new faces is amazing.
Have a great weekend, ya’ll!


13 January 2012

How Can I Help You? : First Edition

How Can I Help You?: First Edition

We all have people we can run to for advice but it's always good to have someone who is unbiased and comes from the same back ground as you. So from now on if you need advice on any topic please feel free to email them to I promise to never disclose who sent me the questions and as well I'm anonymous. This is a safe zone and I will always do my best to keep it this way. So far we have two questions; I hope this advice can help those who sent these questions in as well as anyone who reads this.

Q: I think my partner is cheating, what should I do?

A: I'm so sorry to hear this. What makes you think this? I know no one wants to sit down and ask if their partner is happy and is faithful. But sometimes we need that piece of mind to reassure us that everything is smooth sailing still. A lot of the time they're not cheating but something else is going on like work, friends, family and our partner just isn't opening up to us so it comes off as them cheating. So, just sit down with your partner and remember not to put them on the defense right away (I KNOW YOU'RE CHEATING!!!). Tell them how you've been feeling, any clues or moments that have led you to think they're cheating. Remind them how much you care and that you just need a little reassurance that you're still number 1 in their book. If something does come up, then just talk it out as two mature adults as best as you can and try not to say things you might regret later.

Q: I went through my boyfriend’s phone the other day. I know he likes other FTMs, but the messages in there really got to me. I don’t know how to talk to him about this. I know I was in the wrong, but what gives him the right to talk to another person like that when he is with me? UGH HELP??

A: Yes, you were in the wrong to go through his phone, but now that it is done you need to talk about it and what you saw. Remember that some people are just flirty by nature but mean nothing by it to those who aren't their own partner but sadly in some cases it's a bit more. Sit down with your boyfriend, and tell him honestly that you were on his cell phone and saw flirty texts and like the question before, ask what his feelings are towards you and ask if he has feelings for anyone else. Then after he clears his intentions and feelings up for you then you should apologize for going through his phone and promise him not to again.

For everyone, please remember that the main foundation of any relationship or friendship is honesty. I know personally that sometimes it's scary to talk feelings out and make sure you both are on the same page. But also remember for each little lie or information we leave out on purpose, it just makes everything build up more and always come out in the end.

-Sage Veritas

12 January 2012

It's A Butch World Out There: First Edition/Kai's Bio

Now I know this should be the first edition to "It's A Butch World Out There," but instead this is the bio to our newest blogger for this column. Originally, I was going to fill in for the articles until we had found someone, including today's article. But we all know, a butch (of any kind) is not who I am. So that would have been a little bit of a reach, don't you think? = ) So without further ado, here is a little bit on Kai.



Howdy hey and salutations. My name is Kailee, (pronounced Ky-lee). Most folks just call me Kai, so that is probably what I'll go by up here. I've never blogged before, so bear with me if I'm a bit wet behind the ears. I am a 22 year old resident of Philaburbia and have been all my life. I love both my biological and chosen family, and would do anything for them. I came out as a lesbian a month before my 18th birthday and haven't looked back. My style has gone from being fairly feminine to more masculine, and I'm finding myself more and more comfortable with who I am because of it. My family hasn't exactly been open to the new look, but they're learning. I figure as long as people are open enough that said openness should be recognized, and I do thank my family for that. Currently on an indefinite hiatus from collegiate life, but I formerly attended Arcadia University. I'm about 73% sure I'd like to eventually be a high school math teacher, but until then I work 40 hours a week and use the rest of the time to make memories with the wonderful people in my life. Thanks to GFB and WulfBoi for asking me to be a part of something so kick ass. Here's hoping you find me to me an interesting read! Peace

11 January 2012

Kings United: First Edition

Kings United: First Edition

As I sit here thinking of how to start off this column, I realize that there are a lot of people out there who want to be a drag king, but have no idea where to start. When I first started drag, I was very young. Luckily, I had drag parents. I look at the troupes and just individual performers today, and I do not see one with a drag parent. I have even asked performers who their drag parent is, and they just look at me with a baffled look asking, “What’s that?”

Since there is not one formal definition for “drag parent”, “drag dad”, “drag mom”, or anything similar, I shall attempt to define it as best as I can for my readers. A drag parent is someone in the drag world who is has experience in the art of drag. Someone who is willing to take you under his or her wing and show you the ropes. A drag parent will show you how to start your career in drag, how to create your persona, etc. They shall critic you on your performances so you know where you did excellent and where you need to improve for your next performance. They are your mentor, your guide, your parent.

I may be young, but the age of the king or queen does not make them a good drag parent. Their teaching skills, experience, and dedication not only to the drag world, but also to each of their children. I was on a seven year sabbatical up until this past December. A close friend forced my hand in making a come back. Ever since, I have been getting requests from friends and fans on drag tips and how to get started. I will give each of my new drag children the individual guidance that they need and that they deserve. I also am here for those at a further reach. I will bring back the reality of drag parents and hopefully, others do so as well.

So until next week’s article on building/creating your drag persona, this is your Drag Daddy signing out.

Chance W Encounters
Drag King

10 January 2012

Partner Circle: First Edition

Partner Circle: First Edition

“Are you a boy or a girl?”

This very question was posited to a friend of mine as she stood at a corner, leaning on her bike and waiting patiently to cross the street. A man leaned out the window of his friend’s car and yelled straight at her. When her response was nothing more than a ‘you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me’ stare, he repeated himself. Again, she did not respond. Apparently, stymied by the fact that his seemingly simple question was not being answered, he decided to repeat himself once more. Finally, she narrowed her eyes at him and simply said

“Is that seriously all you can say?”

What this champion of the English language had failed to realize is that gender is never that simple. What many people cannot seem to understand is that the gender binary is a socially imposed fallacy – we do it to ourselves. Unless and until the day comes when this is no longer the case, we have to learn to be gentle with each other. Every time we misgender someone, regardless of their actual gender identity, you are causing hurt. Though this may not be done with malicious intent, it is something we all must be conscious of, because something as simple as an incorrect pronoun can sting more than one can imagine.

Since this is ‘partner circle’, I would not be doing my job if I did not mention that it is not just the person being misgendered that feels hurt when this happens – their partners feel it too. As someone dating a non cis-gendered male, it kills me a little inside every time someone refers to us as ‘you girls’ or to him using female pronouns. My boyfriend is a man and people misgendering him would never emasculate him in my eyes or make me love him any less, but I am not everyone. So here is my plea to everyone reading this: please, be gentle with each other.

Oh, and watch your pronouns.

xX Emily

09 January 2012

No Boundaries: First Edition

No Boundaries: First Edition

I've been sitting here debating on what we should start off discussing when it comes to No Boundaries... So lets start off with defining what it means to have no boundaries. Someone who has no boundaries doesn't see the traditional male and female roles. They don't necessarily want to transition from one sex to another, but they see themselves in the middle, or sometimes a 'third gender.' They usually look/act/dress/feel with a melting pot of characteristics of both of societies male and female traits. Due to having a melting pot it usually leaves ones identity open ended, some people might think they're male due to societies view on men or sometimes people might see them as female. It all depends on how the person look/act/dress/feel that day and also the sort of place/strangers one is around at that time. Some people who are gender-queer may prefer one set of pronouns over another, may be open to either or may like the use of one, ze, sie, hir, ey, they, their and them. With one that is gender-queer they see no boundaries when it comes to themselves as well as sexual orientation, whomever they feel attracted to and have romantic relations with is up to the individual. I personally went from lesbian, transgender and then finally happily to gender-queer.

I knew I liked women so when I came out at age 8 I told my mom I liked women, I dated a few bio men early on and told them that it was just for group dates/school dances. Then I thought I was Transgender, I told my mom at age 11 that I hated being a girl and wanted to go on T and have top surgery when I turned 18. My mom didn't take it so easy but after a bit came around and said she would help me save up so as soon as I turned 18 I could get it all done. The older I got, the more friends I made and the more soul searching I did and realized I was wrong both times and was happy somewhere in between. I dress male, I'm cool with either set of pronouns but dig male pronouns just a little bit more, have a cross personality of both of societies male and female roles and have no dysphoria so I see no reason to put myself through major surgery. Sometimes I wish my voice was lower, but I don't want extra body hair or have to give myself shots frequently. I'm happy just being me, I'm loving, funny, intelligent, love my family and friends and non of that should have to have a label of who I feel I am or who I date.

Well that is all I have for now, please write me with any ideas/topics you would like to have featured next week. As well if you're gender-queer and would like to share your story I know all of us would love to get to know you all better.

Good day from Seattle!


FTM Chronicles: First Edition

FTM Chronicles: First Edition

FTM & Queer

Now I didn't just pick this idea because I happen to be both, but it has been something occurring in my thoughts continuously, so I thought I’d talk about it and see what people thought. Now I hear a lot of my FTM brothers who feel like they would never date a female who was a lesbian because it would be emasculating and they would not fully consider the person a man. I have others that feel like as long as the person sees me as a man, it does not really matter what the labels are. Labels are for cans of soup, not people everybody! That is at least how I feel. See, I have been running into this recently, I dated someone who was a cis-female who identified as straight. I made an exception because she saw me for the man I am. You can call it whatever you want, but in my opinion, I call that a queer relationship.

I have also noticed this being as two of my friends who were together. Both FTM, were in a gay relationship, but they never labeled it. It was not anyone in the trans* community who judged it or asked. More so that people that did not understand relationships like that, thought they were just playing a role. But I feel in the end, what does it matter? I feel like us all as human beings are queer in a way. I think anyone could fall in love with anyone, gender completely unrelated.

Does anyone else feel the way I do? Or wonder why it is so important to others?

Signing off,

Ethan B.