09 January 2012

FTM Chronicles: First Edition

FTM Chronicles: First Edition

FTM & Queer

Now I didn't just pick this idea because I happen to be both, but it has been something occurring in my thoughts continuously, so I thought I’d talk about it and see what people thought. Now I hear a lot of my FTM brothers who feel like they would never date a female who was a lesbian because it would be emasculating and they would not fully consider the person a man. I have others that feel like as long as the person sees me as a man, it does not really matter what the labels are. Labels are for cans of soup, not people everybody! That is at least how I feel. See, I have been running into this recently, I dated someone who was a cis-female who identified as straight. I made an exception because she saw me for the man I am. You can call it whatever you want, but in my opinion, I call that a queer relationship.

I have also noticed this being as two of my friends who were together. Both FTM, were in a gay relationship, but they never labeled it. It was not anyone in the trans* community who judged it or asked. More so that people that did not understand relationships like that, thought they were just playing a role. But I feel in the end, what does it matter? I feel like us all as human beings are queer in a way. I think anyone could fall in love with anyone, gender completely unrelated.

Does anyone else feel the way I do? Or wonder why it is so important to others?

Signing off,

Ethan B.

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