09 January 2012

No Boundaries: First Edition

No Boundaries: First Edition

I've been sitting here debating on what we should start off discussing when it comes to No Boundaries... So lets start off with defining what it means to have no boundaries. Someone who has no boundaries doesn't see the traditional male and female roles. They don't necessarily want to transition from one sex to another, but they see themselves in the middle, or sometimes a 'third gender.' They usually look/act/dress/feel with a melting pot of characteristics of both of societies male and female traits. Due to having a melting pot it usually leaves ones identity open ended, some people might think they're male due to societies view on men or sometimes people might see them as female. It all depends on how the person look/act/dress/feel that day and also the sort of place/strangers one is around at that time. Some people who are gender-queer may prefer one set of pronouns over another, may be open to either or may like the use of one, ze, sie, hir, ey, they, their and them. With one that is gender-queer they see no boundaries when it comes to themselves as well as sexual orientation, whomever they feel attracted to and have romantic relations with is up to the individual. I personally went from lesbian, transgender and then finally happily to gender-queer.

I knew I liked women so when I came out at age 8 I told my mom I liked women, I dated a few bio men early on and told them that it was just for group dates/school dances. Then I thought I was Transgender, I told my mom at age 11 that I hated being a girl and wanted to go on T and have top surgery when I turned 18. My mom didn't take it so easy but after a bit came around and said she would help me save up so as soon as I turned 18 I could get it all done. The older I got, the more friends I made and the more soul searching I did and realized I was wrong both times and was happy somewhere in between. I dress male, I'm cool with either set of pronouns but dig male pronouns just a little bit more, have a cross personality of both of societies male and female roles and have no dysphoria so I see no reason to put myself through major surgery. Sometimes I wish my voice was lower, but I don't want extra body hair or have to give myself shots frequently. I'm happy just being me, I'm loving, funny, intelligent, love my family and friends and non of that should have to have a label of who I feel I am or who I date.

Well that is all I have for now, please write me with any ideas/topics you would like to have featured next week. As well if you're gender-queer and would like to share your story I know all of us would love to get to know you all better.

Good day from Seattle!


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