12 January 2012

It's A Butch World Out There: First Edition/Kai's Bio

Now I know this should be the first edition to "It's A Butch World Out There," but instead this is the bio to our newest blogger for this column. Originally, I was going to fill in for the articles until we had found someone, including today's article. But we all know, a butch (of any kind) is not who I am. So that would have been a little bit of a reach, don't you think? = ) So without further ado, here is a little bit on Kai.



Howdy hey and salutations. My name is Kailee, (pronounced Ky-lee). Most folks just call me Kai, so that is probably what I'll go by up here. I've never blogged before, so bear with me if I'm a bit wet behind the ears. I am a 22 year old resident of Philaburbia and have been all my life. I love both my biological and chosen family, and would do anything for them. I came out as a lesbian a month before my 18th birthday and haven't looked back. My style has gone from being fairly feminine to more masculine, and I'm finding myself more and more comfortable with who I am because of it. My family hasn't exactly been open to the new look, but they're learning. I figure as long as people are open enough that said openness should be recognized, and I do thank my family for that. Currently on an indefinite hiatus from collegiate life, but I formerly attended Arcadia University. I'm about 73% sure I'd like to eventually be a high school math teacher, but until then I work 40 hours a week and use the rest of the time to make memories with the wonderful people in my life. Thanks to GFB and WulfBoi for asking me to be a part of something so kick ass. Here's hoping you find me to me an interesting read! Peace

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