14 January 2012

A Random Quirk: BotY2011 Interview

Hey, ya’ll! It is the end of the week, which means it is time for another edition of “A Random Quirk.” Now at the start of the year, we crowned our first Boi of the Year. It was an incredible race to get to that point. That made me think, “What do we really know about our BotY2011?” So I sat down with some questions to get the inside scoop on our Boi, Lina(Justin). Well, “sat down” via internet = ) And this is what he had to say.


Name: Lina (Justin)

Age: 26

Location: Bensalem, Pa

Relationship status:

Pronouns Preferred: Boy

Gender Identity: Male

Hobbies: Djing, Playing with my little puppy Rocco. Being a good father to my family and a good husband to my beautiful wife

Interests: Djing, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Having a great time with my family, and friends. And also meeting new people.

When did you first come out? I believe when my family found out I was 21 and with my friends, I was 16 years old.

Who is one person who has influenced the person you are today, and why? I must say my mother Ann. She was one amazing women who loved me for who I am. I never had to hide anything about myself to her. I came out more when she passed away cause she always told me to never hide who you are and since then this is me.

If you could ask one person, dead or alive, one question, what would it be? I would have to say my mother Ann: I would ask if she's happy with how things are turning out. Is she happy with what I have done with my life and who I am as an individual.

What is one stereotype in the LGBTQ community that pisses you off?
I seem to have a problem when I am walking around with my Fiancé, and they stare. I don't seem to understand how they can get married in with no problem and yet divorce in the matter of days. I just want my marriage to be seen as theirs and not thrown out like garbage.

As current reigning BotY, how will you live up to that title? I think just being who I am and keeping people I know up to date on the current events happening to the LGBTQ community. It's a matter of keeping myself and others aware of what’s going on. I think having this opportunity to be BOTY is a privilege and a chance to open my horizons.


What a great guy, don’t you think? This year is off to a fantastic start here at GFB. Let’s keep it going that way, boiz. It is almost time for our first Boi of the Month for 2012. Good luck to everyone who is entering our weekly contests. Seeing all of the new faces is amazing.
Have a great weekend, ya’ll!


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