11 January 2012

Kings United: First Edition

Kings United: First Edition

As I sit here thinking of how to start off this column, I realize that there are a lot of people out there who want to be a drag king, but have no idea where to start. When I first started drag, I was very young. Luckily, I had drag parents. I look at the troupes and just individual performers today, and I do not see one with a drag parent. I have even asked performers who their drag parent is, and they just look at me with a baffled look asking, “What’s that?”

Since there is not one formal definition for “drag parent”, “drag dad”, “drag mom”, or anything similar, I shall attempt to define it as best as I can for my readers. A drag parent is someone in the drag world who is has experience in the art of drag. Someone who is willing to take you under his or her wing and show you the ropes. A drag parent will show you how to start your career in drag, how to create your persona, etc. They shall critic you on your performances so you know where you did excellent and where you need to improve for your next performance. They are your mentor, your guide, your parent.

I may be young, but the age of the king or queen does not make them a good drag parent. Their teaching skills, experience, and dedication not only to the drag world, but also to each of their children. I was on a seven year sabbatical up until this past December. A close friend forced my hand in making a come back. Ever since, I have been getting requests from friends and fans on drag tips and how to get started. I will give each of my new drag children the individual guidance that they need and that they deserve. I also am here for those at a further reach. I will bring back the reality of drag parents and hopefully, others do so as well.

So until next week’s article on building/creating your drag persona, this is your Drag Daddy signing out.

Chance W Encounters
Drag King

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