11 February 2012

A Random Quirk: 2-11-12

We hope ya’ll have had a wonderful and eventful week, so we are here to wrap things up and to let you know what to keep an eye out for next!

This week’s blogs are going to all follow along a similar vein: Mythbusting! Whether you have got something itching to get off your chest, something you just need to vent about, or even a myth you are not quite sure is actually a myth, we can pretty much promise you we will cover it in our blogs this week. Have anything you are convinced we will not cover? Shoot us an email on the main GFB account or just post something on our wall, we will make sure at least one of our fabulous bloggers touches on the topics you want to see talked about.

We are still looking to have two people for each blog, and there are plenty of spots still open. Whether you are gender non conforming and you want to have your voice heard, you are the partner/ally/parent of someone who is trans*/gender non-conforming/what-have-you, or you are just an out and proud butch that is tired of being called a dude and wants their butchy voice heard, we want you!

As it stands currently on our columns:

Sundays is “FTM Chronicles” with WulfBoi
Mondays is “No Boundaries” with Chels
Tuesdays is “Partner Circle” with Emily
Wednesdays is “Kings United” with Chance Encounters
Thursdays is “It’s a Butch World Out There” with Kai
Fridays is “How Can I Help You?” with Sage Veritas
Saturdays is “A Random Quirk” with GFB Staff (for now!)

On that topic, keep on sending us your questions for our resident advice blogger Sage Veritas – we have to keep that boi busy! The advice email is, all submissions are anonymous and confidential. We are here to help in any way we possibly can.

We would like to add poetry and short stories to be posted on “A Random Quirk,” so if you would like to be a part of that then please utilize our Guest Submissions form and send it in to

Until next time, stay happy, healthy, and genderfuk-y.

Xx Emily

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