09 February 2012

Kings United: Choosing A Song

Picking a song to perform can be difficult, especially for a new king. If you do a song that no one knows, then you risk it being a flop. If you do a popular song that another king is known for, then you risk being seen as a copy-cat or the inferior performer. So, here are some tips to finding you a hit or even a good number for an upcoming show.

If your persona represents a specific stereotype, such as a “redneck”, then songs in the genre that fit in that stereotype would be best. Going with that example, a country or rock hit like ”Ain’t Going Down ‘Til The Sun Comes Up” or “Carry On My Wayward Son” might fair better that coming out in “redneck” attire and doing “Shake That” or “Cleaning Out My Closet.” Just like if you are taking on a celebrity persona, such as Eminem or Justin Bieber, it would be best doing their songs, rather than coming out announced as Eminem and doing “Baby” or Justin Bieber and doing “The Way I Am.”

So for your first few performances, try hits that the kings in your venue have not perfected. Once you have more of a fan base or those who know your name and face, then try venturing out with a song not known very well, yet still catchy or great to perform.

Some great numbers to do or start with are (in no particular order):

“The Way I Am” – Eminem
“American Soldier” – Toby Keith
“Harder To Breathe” – Maroon 5
“I Wanna Rock and Roll” – Kiss
“Highway To Hell” – AC/DC
“Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” – Will Smith
“Sexy Back” – Justin Timberlake
“Best I Ever Had” – Drake

“Cupid’s Chokehold” – GCH
“The Call” – Backstreet Boys
“ Mmmbop” – Hanson
“Airplanes” – B.O.B.
“Bye Bye Bye” – N’Sync

(Duets w/ Queens)
“I Got You Babe” – Sonny & Cher
“I’ve Had The Time Of My Life” – Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
“Summer Nights” - Grease

Chance W Encounters
Drag King

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