06 February 2012

No Boundaries: Girlfriend's POV

Hello Genderfuk Boiz, this week I was talking to my girlfriend Kelli who comes across as girly sometimes with dresses, make up and such. She has dated Genderqueer people before and was asked the usual questions 'why does your girlfriend look like a boy, why does she wear mens clothes, maybe you don't really like women.' We both agree that it shouldn't matter what one wears, how they act or who they are. Over the years comments like these stopped bugging and phasing her. She loves people for who they are, not what they wear or how people see them. She sees past the social boundaries and naive comments, loves me for me... for my cargo shorts and sports bras, for giggling when she kisses me, or for my love of romantic movies. I hope someday everyone sees past the social boundaries, and have the world see people for people and love one-another.

I hope all of you get the love and respect you deserve.



  1. It may be me, but this shouldn't be in this column. This seems like a topic for Partner Circle. This column is suppose to be for genderqueer and gender non conforming people like myself. Write things about what we go through. We do not fall in the trans spectrum nor the typical dyke spectrum either. And this should be longer. I see the other articles are a lot longer then the ones you seem to post.

  2. I'm genderqueer myself (thus why I write this blog) and it is something I have to go through to have my partner be judged and questioned for being with someone who has short hair and wears men's clothes. I wish you had shown who you are and personally emailed me privately instead of picking apart my blog and myself anonymously. If you have certain topics you'd like to read about when it comes to this blog please feel free to share topics.

  3. I don't see why I should have to give my name just to give an opinion, thus why I like that your founder has the anonymous button enabled. The way I see it is each column has a purpose. This column is suppose to be in a genderqueer or gender non conforming point of.view. Your girlfriend and mother are not either, so why write from their point of view? You can write about how you view others dealing with your identity, but stay in the roght point of view. I am not picking you or your blog apart. I am only giving an opinion that I am sure a lot of us share. We are not either gender, write about our issues like being misconshrewed as transgender or lesbian/gay when in fact we are not.

  4. I totz understand where the anonymous person is coming from. I don't think he/she was trying to cause any discomfort. He/she just wants things in this column to be more our point of view. Like why would you put a pink marker in the red marker bin when there is a pink marker bin? Sorry for the lame analogy, but it is all I could come up with