13 February 2012

FTM Chronicles: MYTH BUSTED!

Who ya gonna call?! MYTHBUSTERS!

Alright, ya’ll! It’s that time of week. A new FTM Chronicles! This week is Myth Buster week. Today I will bust a lot of FTM related myths. Are you ready?

MYTH #1: You can always tell who is Transgender just by looking at them and their appearance.

BUST: Not true. Just like any difference in a person (religion, sexual orientation, nationality, etc.), you cannot always tell “what” someone is.

MYTH #2: Being transgender is a choice.

BUST: Wrong again. Being transgender is no more of a choice than being Caucasian or African American, gay or straight, or having brown or green eyes. I highly doubt any transgender person up and decided, “ oh I want to feel uncomfortable in my body enough to live pay check to pay check just to afford HRT and/or GRS.”

MYTH #3a: Transgender guys are just ashamed to be a lesbian.
MYTH #3: Transgender guys are just butch lesbians.

BUST: Gender identity and sexual orientation are two entirely different aspects of a person. Therefore, a transgender guy cannot be a lesbian.

MYTH #4: Transgender guys are not ‘real’ men.

BUST: What exactly makes a man a ‘real’ man? It is not genitals or internal reproduction organs. Being born as male does not make one more of a man or a ‘real’ man compared to a trans-man. Cis men are men. Trans-men are men. End of story.

MYTH #5: There are more MTFs than FTMs.

BUST: Nope. Not true.

MYTH #6a: All trans-men bind.
MYTH #6b: All trans-men pack.

BUST: Not at all. There are more that bind pre-op than not. A lot of trans-men that do not pack either. It is all one’s personal preference.

MYTH #7a: You are only a trans-man if you are on HRT or have had GRS.
MYTH #7b: All trans-men have GRS.
MYTH #7c: All trans-men want ‘bottom’ surgery.

BUST: Not all transgender people can afford HRT and/or GRS. Some just do not want to take HRT at all (ex: Lucas Silveira). Some have medical reasons or job related reasons (ex: military) for not being able to take HRT or have GRS. Hormones nor surgery make the man a trans-man. A trans-man is a man either way.

MYTH #8: Trans-men transition for male privileges.

BUST: False. It actually makes things harder for some.

MYTH #9: FTMs did not exist prior to WWII.

BUST: Where did anyone ever read that? That’s like saying there weren’t any Jewish people prior to WWII.

MYTH #10: T will make you grow in height as well as make your hands grow.

BUST: Not entirely true or false. Some do grow slightly, if one’s family men have a later ‘second’ growth spurt prior to taking T, then you may grow slightly.

MYTH #11: If you take more T, then results will multiple and come faster.

BUST: Hell no. It is actually quite dangerous. Always go by what your doctor tells you to do. If you don’t know, then just ask him/her instead of assuming.

MYTH #12: T makes you gay.

BUST: Again, gender identity and sexual orientation are different. Taking HRT will not make you gay.

MYTH #13: T will make you have “tranny voice.”

BUST: No. I know plenty of trans-men that do not have “tranny voice.”

MYTH #14a: T will make you have roid rage.
MYTH #14b: HRT makes you emotionless.
MYTH #14c: HRT will make your personality change.

BUST: Nope. T will not make you have roid rage. If you all of a sudden feel angry all the time, then those feelings were there all along. Stop using HRT as an excuse to be a jerk. HRT should actually help you become more comfortable with your emotions, not make you emotionless.

MYTH #15: T makes you stupid.

BUST: WHAT???? That’s ridiculous and false.

MYTH #16: Male pattern baldness is not on my mother’s side of the family, so I won’t lose my hair.

BUST: False. Paternal sides do not differ. If it is on either side, then it can happen. Even if it isn’t on either, it is possible that it will happen. Everyone is different.

MYTH #17: I cannot get pregnant while on T.

BUST: Nope. You can actually. Too much T can actually cause you to produce more estrogen.

MYTH #18: If I stop T, the only change that is irreversible is my voice.

BUST: There won’t be much of a difference, but a change will happen.


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