15 February 2012

Kings united: Myths Busted!

MYTH #1: All Drag Kings have sexual names.

BUST: A lot of kings have sexual names, but there are more and more coming out without. An example would be “Apollo,” “Teddy Bare/Bear,” or “Chase DeNight.”

MYTH #2: All Drag Kings use fake facial hair.

BUST: False. I do not always use it. Most of the time I do not actually. I also know some others that do not.

MYTH #3: All Drag Kings are all cis-gender women.

BUST: Wrong. I am a king and I am trans*. Trans* guys do perform as kings. Some just see it as performing instead of as “drag,” but others do not.

MYTH #4: All Drag Kings are transgender in denial.

BUST: Nope. I know plenty of cis-gender kings and are happy to just be a king.

MYTH #5: All Drags Kings are gay.

BUST: Most would assume this I am guessing. But I actually know heterosexual cis-gender women who perform as Drag Kings. Drag Kings are a big spectrum. And no one is going to tell you that you cannot be a king because you do not “fit” in some mold. If they do, then find a better troupe.

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