02 January 2012

Happy New Year!!

    Happy New Year Boiz! Here at Genderfuk Boiz we hope you had a great, and safe, New Year’s Eve. I, WulfBoi, know I have not written a blog in quite some time. So how about a New Year blog with a few announcements? = )

     In 2011,  Genderfuk Boiz made a comeback. GFB originated on myspace a few years ago, created by the duo of WulfBoi and Ace. WulfBoi had shipped out and when he came back, the site went under. With a few adjustments, I brought Genderfuk Boiz back! Now on Facebook instead of myspace. New contests, with prizes. A vlog channel on Youtube. A blog on Blogspot. And so much more!

    With any new project, there will be mistakes. This year was a rough ride for GFB. With misunderstandings on contest rules, not a lot of updates(blogs/vlogs), and no BotM. I want to take this time now to apologize. I take full responsibility for all the problems that have occurred on GFB during 2011.

    It is now 2012! Which means a new and improved Genderfuk Boiz page! Some changes already came to be. Such as our new Supporters/Fans album. That is our way of showing thanks to those around us in our lives. More changes are to come. One being our Boi of the Month contests. All of the contest guidelines/rules will be update on the info section on the face book page. The guidelines/rules will also be posted on here, the blog page.

    We are also bringing some new faces to our staff. We have had a past of missing  updates. This new staff will not let that happen. The goal is to have a new blog or vlog column for each day of the week. There is a broad spectrum of viewers on here. The kinks on which column on which day has not been set just yet. GFB is also looking for more bloggers and vloggers to fill in some spots. Maybe even multiple people for each column as to get more then one point of view.

The columns will include, but not limited to:
The FTM Chronicles (everything FTM related)
No Boundaries (everything for the Gender Non Conforming/androgynous)
Partner Circle (everything for those who date non-cis gendered people or have those as friends)
Kings United (everything in terms of the drag world)
It’s a Butch World Out There (everything for our butch/studs)
How Can I Help You? (advice column: anonymous)
A Random Quirk (topic changes each week, just a random blog by suggestion and/or guest blog)

    The names of the columns are not set in stone. Any suggestions will gladly accepted. The columns can be written as a blog one week and then a vlog the next. Which ever the author would like to do. New members of our staff so far are Ethan B., Em Cash, and Chels.

    Spots are still open if you are interested or if you know someone who might be interested. To apply is very simple. We have a blog with the application. Fill it out and email it to us at


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