03 January 2012

Ethan B.

Ethan B. is a new member of the Genderfuk Boiz community and staff. He will be blogging/vlogging for us. Please make him feel welcomed, ya'll!


My name is Ethan. I am twenty four years old, I currently reside in a small suburban town outside of Philadelphia, Pa. I am almost four months on T (testosterone) and I have been out for a little over six months. I am a jack of all trades if you will. I am a musician, an artist, a writer, etc. I do everything (almost) independently. I love being a good friend and some goals of mine are to help people in the future and help transgender youth, as well as make the T in the LGBTQ more visible in my community and the communities surrounding me. It is also all I have ever wanted to do with my music and art. To reach someone and hopefully make a change.

-Ethan B.


  1. Awesome Ethan! Can't wait to read more from you in the Future!


  2. thank you skot!!! i look forward to seeing more comments :D

    -ethan b.