06 January 2012


Hey ya'll! We have another blogger bio to post. She will be a blogger in the Partner Circle (everything for those who date non-cis gendered people or have those as friends). Lets make her feel welcomed!


Hey there. My name is Emily and I get really uncomfortable when I have to talk about myself…so let us embark on this adventure together, shall we? I am a 23 year old, cis-gendered queer identifying female living in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I graduated from undergraduate school with a double major in criminology and psychology, but kept myself occupied with activist groups on campus. In addition to PRIDE Alliance, I helped run a group called S.A.G.E. [Students Advocating Gender Equality] as well as the on campus chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. Basically, I am ‘that girl’ and pretty damned comfortable with that fact. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful partner in GFB’s very own WulfBoi, so here is to hoping that he does not regret asking me to blog for this fantastic site.

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