17 October 2011

Let me tell you a story...

I want to tell you all a story. 

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She lived in a comfortable house on a normal street with a...dysfunctional family. She loved them all the same and thought the world of the people who raised her. She lived with her aunt and uncle, you see, though she didn't know why. Her mom died a long time ago. Her father came around sometimes to pick up her brother after school but that was all she knew of the balding man. It didn't bother her much; her uncle was more like a father to her, anyway.

She grew older. She grew into a beautiful teenager with long flowing hair and blue eyes. She was very feminine and very athletic. She met another girl. Seamlessly, they entered into a relationship. Excited, curious, exhilarated, she told her family. They threw things at her, screamed at her, called her names.Her aunt made her put on dirty clothes after she stripped the girl naked. Eventually, after seeing her aunt spraying everything she touched with Lysol, the girl realized she had to get out. So she pushed open her door and ran. 

At first, she didn't know where'd she go, but then, it came to her! She could go to her father's! The girl ran there faster then she'd run anywhere. Her father answered the door in boxers and ushered her in. 

That was the beginning of the worst mistake she had ever made.

Things happened there that the girl never thought were possible. Her heart broke over and over again. Eventually, she lost her relationship with the other girl, but things were so complicated then that she barely felt the blow of the loss. She lived in her father's house without heat, water, and eventually electricity. She was lost.

Eventually, the girl left there for good. Years later, she would deal with what happened there, but not any time sooner. It was through dealing with the trauma that the girl realized something. She wasn't comfortable with her female body. She had gained some weight and lost her toned athletic body but there was something else she couldn't quite place. 

It wasn't til she went to a therapist that she figured this all out. Being transgender described how she felt! This was why she hated her body, this was why she hated her breasts and curves and everything! It made her felt wonderful. 

So, she became he.

PART 2...


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