06 October 2011

Application for GFB Staff




Pronoun Preferred:

Gender Identity:

Position Applying For(admin/vlogger/blogger/other):

Topic Passionate About:

What is one thing that we should know about yourself?

What are you able to bring to GFB if given the position applied?


GFB bloggers must submit minimum of one blog per week. If you cannot, then an admin must be notified in a timely matter.

Failure to submit two blogs/vlogs will result in removal from blog/vlog staff.

To be eligible for an admin position, you must have successfully completed six months as a blogger/vlogger in good standing.

GFB staff can enter photo contests, but are not eligible to win.
PLEASE NOTE: Requirements for staff are subject to change at the discretion of and following a majority vote of the current admin staff. 
Blogger applicants are also asked to submit a writing sample to be considered.
Vlogger applicants are also asked to submit a video sample to be considered.

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