05 October 2011

Liam's Bio (a month ago)

  • Liam Wolf (L.L. Wolf) is a twenty three year old trans*/genderqueer boy who is struggling with his sense of identity. He has a past as a throw-a-way/run-a-way youth and is motivated to help other LGBT youth with similar issues. His story of how he lost his home was published in an anthology called "Kicked Out". He is also involved in the animal rights movement and has been a foster parent to many dogs and cats from the Philadelphia city shelter. He lives in a house in N.E. Philadelphia with his awesome room mate, his two cats, his room mates two cats, an additional foster cat, and a foster dog that rocks.
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  • Glad to hear you stayed strong Liam. I am twenty two and have dealt with being disowned to several other struffles that were on my journey through life so far. I work wit a wide range of groups from True Colors, to CTEquality and many others like Habitat for Humanity. Hope all is well in Philadelphia for you.


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