05 October 2011

Leigh's bio (6 months ago)

Alrighty. Howdy folks. I never what to do with these autobiographical-tell us-all-about-yourself pieces.

So, I’ll start with some slightly more relevant things and then move on to some general stuff.

Right, so…yes. First things first, I really dislike labels. I understand that they are considered socially exceptable and all that crap, they just make me kind of queasy. Not my cup of tea. For those who are sticklers for them, or are even just mildly interested, I fall somewhere in the masculine/genderqueer portion of the gender continuum and am currently more comfortable with male pronouns as that is how I am presenting at present (binding, packing and ocassionally working with false facial hair). I do fluctuate, though. Oh yeah…I’m fluid like that.

All that said, I’m excited about blogging for GFB. For the time being I’ll be writing about whatever I can wrap my head around (or need help wrapping my head around) unless someone tells me to write about something more specific. There’s so much going on in this community and those associated with it that I’m sure I will be able to talk about some thing or another. I’m interested in psychology and psychology and sociology and religion and all sorts of art and will be making an effort to incorperate all of those things into my blogging.

I’ll also be keeping a close eye on ToughxCookies and perhaps writing some pieces related to whats going on with all the fierce femmes over there.

Also, you will likely never actually see me speak for two reasons – A: I have no camera worth recording myself with. B: I’m uber self-concious about my voice and stuff. So, yeah. Just a heads up since I know that vlogs are going to be a prominent part of GFB.

General about me stuff:

I’m 24. I work as a homeschool facilitator/learning coach to my youngest sister and a nanny to a delightful 2 year old as well as a freelance artist. I spend free time drawing, playing guitar, singing, watching movies and playing some video games.

I’m a total nerd. Yes, I like anything to do with Star Wars, Dungeons and Dragons, Scrabble, literature and other nerd-like things.

…and I’m going to stop typing now because I will begin to ramble otherwise.

If I’ve left out something that you’re insanely curious about feel free to beat me about the neck and head with a soft packer (aka just ask) and I’ll be sure to answer to the best of my ability.

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