29 February 2012

Kings United: Lip Syncing/Learning Your Song

HAPPY LEAP YEAR, YA'LL! (and happy birthday to Superman)

So, you have that song picked out, but do not know all of the lyrics. Lip syncing in time with your song is a big part of your performance. Especially if it is a king pageant with judges watching your every move. You need to get the lyrics down and in time. Some kings print out the song so they can read it over while listening to the song. Personally, I write it out to read over a few times while playing it so that my mind recognizes the words from writing them. I tend to drive a lot so that gives me plenty of opportunities to play the song continuously. Below is another was if you do not have access to the lyrics.

First: Get rid of anything that will distract you. You need to focus and relax.

Second: Close your eyes and focus on each word as the artist sings them.

Third: Start with replaying the chorus so you can learn that. It is the catchiest part of the song so it will be the easiest to remember.

Fourth: Learn the bridge the same way as the chorus.

Fifth: From there, start learning the first verse. It will go into the chorus and/or bridge and once you get into it, you will become more confident.

Sixth: Continue the fifth step with each verse.

Seventh: Play the song in its entirety once you learn each verse, chorus, and bridge individually. This will help you match the timing between them and the tune to each.

Continue each step until you are confident enough to get on stage and know the song fully. If you want, you can also test yourself by singing the song in your head while at work where you are not able to read the lyrics or play the song. After you get the lyrics to your song down, then you can move on to dancing and lip syncing together.

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