01 March 2012

It's A Butch World Out There: LIVE!

A lot can happen in twenty years. Twenty years from now you could find yourself married with children, settled into your dream career, or going to that dreaded high school reunion just to see if the head cheerleader actually did end up dating the football captain. Twenty years is, however, far too young to take your last breath.

A good friend of mine passed on Sunday; tonight was his viewing. The funeral home was packed with family members and friends from all walks of life. It didn’t hit me until I saw him that he was really gone. And I had this awful realization that I would never hear his voice again. I cried and held another good friend of ours as they cried.

We all stepped outside for a smoke. After one, we had a second, and a third. Somewhere along the line we started telling stories about his life—about the crazy stunts, the late nights, and all the occasions where he would make us laugh. And we started laughing. In the midst of this tragedy, we could look at the light he brought in our lives. Those memories are gifts he gave us. And even though this never should have happened, we can remember those moments and smile.

What I have to say tonight, GFB, is to not let life pass you by. Snatch up every moment and love one another fully. Reach out to people you have not heard from in awhile and just ask how they are doing. Build those connections…maintain them and cherish them. Be inspired. Create art. Create SOMETHING. Above all else, just go out there and fucking live man.

Kenn’s life was cut far too short, but he lived every single moment he was given to the fullest. Thank you for being in my life and for the impact you had. See you on the other side man.


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