19 February 2012

FTM Chronicles: Paps and Mammos

Alright boiz, this article is a little on the serious side. Yes, we are guys, dudes, bros, men. But we have something most guys do not, vaginas. Now, you can call it whichever you would like, ie: little dick, tranny dick, front hole, mini penis, etc. That does not change that you need to get your little guy a check-up. Especially if you are sexually active. It is okay to be filled with discontentment when visiting a gyno or "downstairs doctor." There are some trans* friendly doctors and clinics out there though. For example, in my area (Philadelphia, Pa), the best place I can recommend is the Mazzoni Center in Olde City Philly. They are a LGBT clinic and a lot of guys go there, including for their HRT. And starting HRT does not mean you just stop getting down there checked. Being safe is the best policy. I, for one, hate going to any doctor. If you feel really uncomfortable and/or still have not gotten a name change, then try bringing a female friend along with you. Those in the waiting room will assume it is a visit for her and you are just being the supportive boyfriend. Once you are safely behind the doors, you can talk to your doctor freely. Usually clinics have more then one doctor, so if the one you are given (if you had not chosen yourself) gives you the wiggins, then just ask politely to switch. It doesn't hurt the doctor's feelings. They just want you to feel as comfortable as you can be so they can help you. Below I will try and post Buck's PSA on "downstairs" check-ups. If it goes through, awesome. If not, then I will just post the link for ya'll. Looks like it will not post, so here is the link, .

Now here is another touchy topic. Whether you have had top or not, you need to check yourself. You can either give yourself a mammo (mammogram), you can have your partner do it for you, or your "downstairs doctor" can also check for you. This needs to be done. Cis-males get breast cancer too. It is not as common, but it does happen. Do not think just because you are a guy or have had top already excludes you from this very real possibility. Here is a link on how to do a self mammo, . If you doubt that men get breast cancer, here is some hard evidence for you, . When you look at that last link, it will tell you that in 2012, it is estimated that 2,190 new cases in men will be found and 410 will result in death. Do not be ashamed to get checked. Also, here is a link to some transgender breast cancer information, . There is not enough information to say that transgender people can or will be at risk to breast cancer. At least on the sites I have found. But as I stated about, better to play it safe.


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