28 January 2012

A Random Quirk: 01/28/2012

Hey there, ya’ll. Hopefully everyone had a great week. As some may have noticed, there was not an article yesterday for “How Can I Help you?” The reason to why that had happened was that there weren’t any emails sent in for advice. We would like to have two advice emails to respond to each week, or one if it is a longer response is needed to fully respond.

Now in other news, our first Boi of the Month for 2012 is under way. Good luck to the contestants, though I see this as a tight race ;) solo diciendo.

We also have a new edition to our columns. She will be announced with her bio once it is received. Ideally we would like to have a minimum of two columnists to each column. There are plenty of spots still open if anyone is interested. The application is short and simple. So please do apply, even if you have never written a blog or article before. We all help each other here at GFB so you will never be left alone.

As it stands currently on our columns:

Sundays is “FTM Chronicles” with WulfBoi
Mondays is “No Boundaries” with Chels
Tuesdays is “Partner Circle” with Emily
Wednesdays is “Kings United” with Chance Encounters
Thursdays is “It’s a Butch World Out There” with Kai
Fridays is “How Can I Help You?” with Sage Veritas
Saturdays is “A Random Quirk” with no particular author.

We mentioned the other day that we would like to add poetry and short stories to be posted on “A Random Quirk,” so if you would like to be a part of that then please utilize our Guest Submissions form and send it in to


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