26 January 2012

Kings United: Packing

Hey, ya’ll! Now that we have gotten you started on building your drag persona, let’s start working on your appearance. Drag kings are male impersonators and to do so, you are attempting to pass as a male.

Three major points in doing so are:

1. Packing
2. Binding
3. Facial Hair

Today we will focus on number one, packing. There are a few ways to pack. Some areas have stores that sell packers. Packers are a softer form of dildos that are not useable for being intimate. There are some that are, but for king purposes, you do not need to buy the expensive ones that are versatile. You may be able to find a cheap packer at a local adult store nearby for around $15-20. Most guys are not exactly bulging from the pants so unless you are going for a big reaction from it, do not go big. Smaller is better. Normally they sell them in sizes XS, S, M, L, and some places have XL. I am not hugely built so a size small does just fine and it is fine for any average sized king. You will want to either buy a packer strap to hold it in place or wear boxer briefs to hold it in place. I have never had a problem with my boxer briefs holding it in place so if you do not have to spend the extra money on a strap, I wouldn’t. Why waste money?

Another cheap way to pack is with a sock. Now socks do not pass the “squeeze test” like a packer does, but if you are not expecting to be grabbed, then there will not be an issue. A way to check sizing on sock packing is simple. If you are using a long sock, just try rolling it up once military style (you should be able to youtube this, if not then I shall make a quick short video on it for our channel if needed so just let me know). That should be the right size. If you do not have long socks, try two normal size ankle socks in the same fashion. If that does not, then add a third, but I think it should.

I have heard of kings using other things like filling a condom up with jelly fluid or a vegetable and tying it to your thigh. I STRONGLY advise against that. You should never tie anything to your thigh. You can really damage yourself by cutting of the circulation. If you have a question on whether or not to use something, that is what I am here for. So please ask if you need help or advice on packing. It is always better to play it safe.

Until next week when I cover binding… this is your drag daddy signing off.

Chance W Encounters
Drag King

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    I have a medium sized soft pack which works just fine for me. I'm 6'1 and it doesn't look like I have elephantiasis. Plus I wear tight jeans, which means getting checked out by gay men.