30 January 2012

No Boundaries: A Mother's POV

Today I sat down with my mother and asked what she thinks about having a daughter that breaks all of societies boundaries.

She said "I'm really proud of my daughter and not just because she's a Gender queer person, in fact I usually don't even think about that... I think about the fact that she wants to help homeless animals, she's talked to me through a few panic attacks, she loves to watch chick flicks with me and we get into fun and not so fun arguments like the Gilmore Girls. I love that she loves her baby brother, that she loves her friends so much and that she cracks me up and has told me things I needed to hear even when I didn't want to hear them. I love that she forgives me for being less than perfect and that she teases me that Ellen Degeneres is her real mother. I enjoy that fact that she dresses in men's clothes, I think I'd have a heart attack now if I saw her in a skirt, even though she used to dance and wore dresses and tutus. I love that can see the male and female point of view on everything. The thing is it wouldn't matter if Chelsea was gay, transgender, green or had a 3rd eye... she is my daughter and my children are my heart walking out side of my body, no matter what they do or who they love. I know that not every gender queer person has support and I'm sure not being understood by the people that you should trust the most must be very hard, all I can say is if you're in that situation look for support from your chosen family... friends and colleagues along the way. Be yourself, and let your family learn by example."


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