19 January 2012

Kings United: Building Your Drag Persona

Building Your Drag Persona

Hey ya’ll! A little late on posting. I had some difficulties posting this article. My apologizes.

So you want to be a Drag King, eh? Let’s start with building your Drag Persona this week, shall we? First you will need a name. I know a lot of king names are of sexual nature, but that is not a requirement. As long as it reflects your desired image and is easy to pronounce, you are golden. If they cannot say your name correctly, it will get lost in the shuffle along with your performance.

Here are twenty examples:

Ben Dover
Jack Demoff
Chance Encounters
Randy Bush
Jack McJohnson
Buck Frenzy
Russel O’Toole
Teddy Bear/Bare
Buster Hyman
Kamen Cider
Adam Angst
Chaser Round
Shawn McPenis
Bona Fyde
Mac Daddy
Vin Dick-tive
Chase DeNight
Andy Cochrane
Sid Deuce

Just remember, be respectful. If someone already has the name you want to take (google it!), ask for permission. If they are local (same state, city, or local tristate area), then do not use it at all. You do not want to cause confusion or to step on another king’s toes.

Now, is he the same age as you and/or have the same birth date? Not all kings base their drag image off of their selves. Live outside of the box and create a fantasy character. Where is he from? What is his nationality? What about his relationship and/or career choice? These are some basics.

From here you can delve deeper into his individual personality. Is he a leader, a follower, or just a big ole’ rebel? Is he an introvert or extrovert? Does he anger easily or is he a big teddy bear? What are some of his personality traits, admirable or negative? Any flaws to show or redeeming qualities? What are some of his strengths and weaknesses?

There are so many details to continue onto, but those are some starters. The more you perform, the more you will get into your character and build upon that. Many things can change with one’s drag persona throughout the months and/or years of performing. Next you can figure out clothing you drag persona would typically wear. What are the songs/solo performances will he mostly be seen doing. Not all kings to the same genres each time they step onto the stage. Broaden your interests and let your imagination go wild to create great performances.

This is Drag Daddy signing out until next time…

Chance W Encounters
Drag King


  1. I think it is funny that you posted this and my drag name that I have had since 2005, used the same name with an initial and then reported it as a suggestion. You then suggested people "google" that name to make sure it isn't taken. Chane Encounters has been taken and it is registered in th drag registry. "google" it. I also don't remember you asking my permission as you suggested. Maybe you should follow your own advice, or maybe you shouldn't be giving it at all.

  2. Chance W EncountersJanuary 20, 2012 at 2:42 PM

    I want to start this off by saying, the names given, were examples not suggestions. I was given guys the idea of what drag names were. I never suggested anyone take another's name. If you actually read my article, then you would know that.

    Secondly, my drag name has been Chance Encounters since early spring 2002. It was something my Drag Daddy at the time helped me create based off my real(legal) name, Chance. New year's day 2006 (Jan 1st, 2006) was my last performance until this past fall when my friends talked me into making a comeback. My middle initial "W" stands for Wulf. I decided to give my drag persona a middle name on the comeback.

    Now, how about you not jump to conclusions or opinions on someone without all of the facts? If you would like to continue this chat privately, you can email me at instead of on here where you will make a fool of yourself for blindly attacking another.

    Have a good day.

  3. I am glad you responded, Chance. And to avoid confusion, I mean the author of the blog. I am wondering if this might be the same king I saw perform in Philadelphia back in 2004. I think you did a show at Sisters and some at Bob's and William Way. I loved his performances. They always were amazing!! Keep up the good work. Don't worry about people online trying to take credit for your work. You are awesome!!! I will see if I can dig up some old pics from back then. I always had a camera at the shows. :)

  4. Chance W EncountersJanuary 20, 2012 at 7:51 PM


    Thank you for your support. It is greatly appreciated. To answer your question; yes, I am the same king from that time frame. I still perform in the Philadelphia area and in the Lehigh Valley area (specifically at Diamonz).